Jellyfin Direct Play Guide

play video by your local player

Download toolkit

please download & unzip toolkit, we will use it later.

Setting local executer

  • make sure your video file has associated with your local player.(that means you can double click you video file to play it!)
  • copy chromeDirectPlay.exe to any folder you like and remember the path.(something like D:\\Software\\PotPlayer\\chromeDirectPlay.exe)
  • edit register URL protocal.reg Line 12:
@="D:\\Software\\PotPlayer\\chromeDirectPlay.exe \"%1\""
  • replace the old path with your own(above), save reg file.
  • double click reg file, add it to Register.

Replace Jellyfin-web

To making jellyfin webpage invoke our protocal, we need change some code & recompile files in Jellyfin-web.
I have done that for you, so just download the files in Github Action Artifacts.

TIPS: next time when you update your jellyfin version, you should visit this page, download new files and do the step below again.

  • unzip the files.
  • locate to your jellyfin install folder, then find jellyfin-web folder in it.
  • replace the whole folder using your unzip folder.
  • restart your jellyfin.

Enable directplay flag

visit your jellyfin webpage, press F12 open devtool, switch to Application panel, find Local Storage, add a new key-value in the right area:

Key Value

Enable directplay flag


Go to movie/series detail page, click play button, your local player should popup now!

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